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Political Science 1 Introduction to Government Research Paper

Political Science 1 Introduction to Government - Research Paper Example Depending with the states laws, an official is allowed to run for re-election once the term is over. In the United States, system of government is categorized as the representative democracy; American citizens do not directly make any government decisions. This is because they elect officials to govern their affairs. It is common for most elections to be held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in the November in the year they happen, however, elections for public offices may be held any time depending on the state law (Trent, pp 36-194). After the American constitution was written in 1787, it indicated that every state had the mandate to determine who could vote in elections, African-Americans and women were denied their voting rights. Nevertheless, in 1870 the 15th amendment was passed that allowed male African Americans to vote, in 1920, the 19th amendments was enacted which allowed women to vote, the next November saw millions of American women voting in presidential elections for the first time. Nevertheless, the election of the president and the vice president of the United States remains an indirect vote, in this process the citizens cast ballots for a slate of members of the US Electoral College these people are the ones who are constitutionally mandated to directly elect the president and his vice president. The presidential elections are organised to occur quadrennial where the count starts from 1792 on the Election Day Tuesday between November 2 and eighth. These dates are made to coincide with various oth er federal states and local races (Trent, pp 36-194). The electro process in the United States is highly regulated by a combination of the federal and state laws. Each state is allocated a number of Electoral College electors whom are made to be equal to the number of its senators and representatives in the U.S congress. Connectively, in Washington D.C the number of electors is equal to the number held by

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RS DB 2 Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

RS DB 2 - Research Paper Example Revenue for sales is always associated with expenses. The common expenses are cost of revenue or cost of goods sold, general and administrative expenses, non-recessing expenses, and other expenses. The above-mentioned expenses when added to the revenue we get gross profit or loss, and operating income or loss. This assignment will limit to Radio Shacks sales revenue. The activities mentioned above are operating activities. Operating activities in business are associated with the revenue and expenses or in other word cash inflows and outflows. Thus, operational activity in accounting is called cash flow. This assignment will limit to the study of Radio Shack’s cash flow from the operation in the fiscal 2010 year. Cash flow from operations may be calculated using direct or indirect method. This assignment will use the indirect method. Necessary data, in this purpose, will be acquired from company’s Income statement and Balance sheet (Yahoo; YCHARTS). Sales Revenue for yea r 2010 = 4,265,200,000 (Yahoo) Cash at the beginning of the year 2010 = 908,200,000 (YCHARTS a) Operating Cash Flow (OCF) calculation (Accounting Explained) Net income 190,700,000 Adjustment to the net income 38,600,000 Depreciation 99,200,000 Net payable 600,100,000 Deferred Tax 12,000,000 Net Receivable -377,500,000 OCF 563,100,000 Cash at the end 2010 = Cash at the beginning + OCF = 908,200,000 + 563,100,000 = 1,471,300,000 However, according to the company Cash flow (YCHARTS a) statement, cash at the end of 2010 was 569,400,000. This shows that company did not collect all revenue, which is also shown through the increase in receivable from 2009 to 2010 (YCHARTS b). The company made more sales than cash collections. Question 2 Sales revenue and Net income trend analysis Radio Shack 2008 2009 Growth / Decline 2010 Growth / Decline 2011    Sales 4,224,000,000 4,276,000,000 1.23% 4,266,000,000 -0.23% 4,378,000,000 2.63% Net income 189,400,000 205,000,000 8.24% 206,100,000 0.54% 72 ,200,000 -64.97% Cost of revenue 2,302,000,000 2,314,000,000 0.52% 2,352,000,000 1.64% 2,567,000,000 9.14% Gross profit 1,923,000,000 1,962,000,000 2.03% 1,914,000,000 -2.45% 1,811,000,000 -5.38% BestBuy Sales    45,020,000,000    49,690,000,000 10.37% 49,750,000,000 0.12% Net income    1,003,000,000    1,317,000,000 31.31% 1,277,000,000 -3.04% The above table shows Radio Shack’s Sales and Net income trend for years from 2008 to 2011. Revenue from sales during this period was more or less stable; though in 2009, it was increased by 1.23 % with respect to the previous year; in 2010 decreased by – 0.23 %, and in 2011 again increased by 2.63 %. Net income trend was quite erratic; in 2009, it increased by 8.24 % with respect to the previous year, then it dropped in 2010. In 2011 net income dropped by 65 % with respect to the previous year. The company Income Statement did not show any dramatic increase in operating expenses. However, it was observed that both in 20 10 and 2011 when net income dropped gross profit also dropped. Drop in net income in 2010 and 2011 should be attributed to decrease in gross profit. The decrease in gross profit is associated with the increase in cost of revenue, which is displayed in the above table. Study of net income of Radio Shack’s competitor Best Buy also shows a decrease in net income in 2011 with respect to 2011. We may conclude that year 2011 decrease in net income as a trend; however, Radio Shack’s net income drop in 2011 was much higher than its competitor Best

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Family Essay Example for Free

Family Essay The Conservative party wishes to try and tackle Homophobia, especially inside sport. The Conservatives also want to make businesses and work places much more LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender) friendly. The Conservatives are currently debating to try and make same sex marriages legal. Businesses: The Conservatives are trying to help out smaller businesses, and have already doubled small business rates. Which means 330,000 small businesses will not have to pay any business rates until April 2013. The Conservatives have introduced a National Insurance holidays to businesses outside the South East and London. Big Society: Conservatives are currently trying to encourage volunteering, which is a scheme to bring together young people from different back grounds. The Conservatives have started training Community Organisers to identify local leaders and bring people ogether so that these people can act on what is most important to their community. A nuclear family is a universal term to describe a two generation combination/ grouping usually consisting of a father, mother and one or more children (usually two children). They would live in the same household all together to make up the nuclear family. A nuclear family is a universal term to describe a two generation combination/grouping usually consisting of a father, mother and one or more children (usually two children). They would live in the same household all together to ake up the nuclear family. A nuclear family is a universal term to describe a two generation combination/grouping usually consisting of a father, mother and one or more children (usually two children). They would live in the same household all together to make up the nuclear family. A nuclear family is a universal term to describe a two generation combination/grouping usually consisting of a father, mother and one or more children (usually two children). They would live in the same household all together to make up the nuclear family. A nuclear family is a universal term to describe a two generation combination/grouping usually consisting of a father, mother and one or more children (usually two children). They would live in the same household all together to make up the nuclear family. A nuclear family is a universal term to describe a two generation combination/grouping usually consisting of a father, mother and one or more children (usually two children). They would live in the same household all together to make up the nuclear family. v v A

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My Dream in Field :: miscellaneous

My Dream in Field When I was young, I of ten told to myself that when I grew up I could be anything I wanted to be and I always took for granted that this was true. I knew exactly what I was going to be, and I would spend hours dreaming about how wonderful my life would be when I grew up. One day, though, when did I grew up I realized that things had not turned out the way I had always expected they would. When I was little, I always played with boys. I rarely played with girls, and I often hung out a bang of boys; I was very interested with them. We would play soccer and go swimming. Al most every summer afternoon, all the boys in my neighborhood and I would meet on the field to get a soccer game going. Surprisingly, I was always to be favored by all my friends, boys. I was very fast and I could kick the ball far and exactly. I loved soccer more than anything, and I would not miss a game whenever it was showed in television. My brother played soccer too, and I would go the field with my friends to watch him play. It was just like the big leagues, with lots of people, the lights that shone so high and the bright you could see other fans sitting far away. I loved to go to my brother’s game. I would sit and cheer on my brother and his team. My attention was focused on the field, and my heart would jump with every shoot straight toward the both of goals. And more much exciting when the world cup seasons came. I would spend lot of time to sit in front of television to watch with whole of my family. The favorite team that we favored was the England. When the England won, I would be so excited I could not sleep; when they lost, I would go to bed angry just like all my brothers and parents. I have never forgotten the first time my dad and I went to watch the major league soccer game where I decided to be a major league soccer player. The excitement began from my house to the stadium and during the time of game. Now, I was six years old, and almost people in my country would use bicycles to move or travel around.

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Foundation and Empire 9. On Trantor

The stars were as thick as weeds in an unkempt field, and for the first time, Lathan Devers found the figures to the right of the decimal point of prime importance in calculating the cuts through the hyper-regions. There was a claustrophobic sensation about the necessity for leaps of not more than a light-year. There was a frightening harshness about a sky which glittered unbrokenly in every direction. It was being lost in a sea of radiation. And in the center of an open cluster of ten thousand stars, whose light tore to shreds the feebly encircling darkness, there circled the huge Imperial planet, Trantor. But it was more than a planet; it was the living pulse beat of an Empire of twenty million stellar systems. It had only one, function, administration; one purpose, government; and one manufactured product, law. The entire world was one functional distortion. There was no living object on its surface hut man, his pets, and his parasites. No blade of grass or fragment of uncovered soil could be found outside the hundred square miles of the Imperial Palace. No fresh water outside the Palace grounds existed but in the vast underground cisterns that held the water supply of a world. The lustrous, indestructible, incorruptible metal that was the unbroken surface of the planet was the foundation of the huge, metal structures that mazed the planet. They were structures connected by causeways; laced by corridors; cubbyholed by offices; basemented by the huge retail centers that covered square miles; penthoused by the glittering amusement world that sparkled into life each night. One could walk around the world of Trantor and never leave that one conglomerate building, nor see the city. A fleet of ships greater in number than all the war fleets the Empire had ever supported landed their cargoes on Trantor each day to feed the forty billions of humans who gave nothing in exchange but the fulfillment of the necessity of untangling the myriads of threads that spiraled into the central administration of the most complex government Humanity had ever known. Twenty agricultural worlds were the granary of Trantor. A universe was its servant. Tightly held by the huge metal arms on either side, the trade ship was gently lowered down the huge ramp that led to the hangar. Already Devers had fumed his way through the manifold complications of a world conceived in paper work and dedicated to the principle of the form-in-quadruplicate. There had been the preliminary halt in space, where the first of what had grown into a hundred questionnaires had been filled out. There were the hundred cross-examinations, the routine administration of a simple Probe, the photographing of the ship, the Characteristic-Analysis of the two men, and the subsequent recording of the same, the search for contraband, the payment of the entry tax – and finally the question of the identity cards and visitor's visa. Ducem Barr was a Siwennian and subject of the Emperor, but Lathan Devers was an unknown without the requisite documents. The official in charge at the moment was devastated with sorrow, but Devers could not enter. In fact, he would have to be held for official investigation. From somewhere a hundred credits in crisp, new bills backed by the estates of Lord Brodrig made their appearance, and changed bands quietly. The official hemmed importantly and the devastation of his sorrow was assuaged. A new form made its appearance from the appropriate pigeonhole. It was filled out rapidly and efficiently, with the Devers characteristic thereto formally and properly attached. The two men, trader and patrician, entered Siwenna. In the hangar, the trade ship was another vessel to be cached, photographed, recorded, contents noted, identity cards of passengers facsimiled, and for which a suitable fee was paid, recorded, and receipted. And then Devers was on a huge terrace under the bright white sun, along which women chattered, children shrieked, and men sipped drinks languidly and listened to the huge televisors blaring out the news of the Empire. Barr paid a requisite number of iridium coins and appropriated the uppermost member of a pile of newspapers. It was the Trantor Imperial News, official organ of the government. In the back of the news room, there was the soft clicking noise of additional editions being printed in long-distance sympathy with the busy machines at the Imperial News offices ten thousand miles away by corridor – six thousand by air-machine – just as ten million sets of copies were being likewise printed at that moment in ten million other news rooms all over the planet. Barr glanced at the headlines and said softly, â€Å"What shall we do first?† Devers tried to shake himself out of his depression. He was in a universe far removed from his own, on a world that weighted him down with its intricacy, among people whose doings were incomprehensible and whose language was nearly so. The gleaming metallic towers that surrounded him and continued onwards in never-ending multiplicity to beyond the horizon oppressed him; the whole busy, unheeding life of a world-metropolis cast him into the horrible gloom of isolation and pygmyish unimportance. He said, â€Å"I better leave it to you, doc.† Barr was calm, low-voice. â€Å"I tried to tell you, but it's hard to believe without seeing for yourself, I know that. Do you know how many people want to see the Emperor every day? About one million. Do you know how many he sees? About ten. We'll have to work through the civil service, and that makes it harder. But we can't afford the aristocracy.† â€Å"We have almost one hundred thousand.† â€Å"A single Peer of the Realm would cost us that, and it would take at least three or four to form an adequate bridge to the Emperor. It may take fifty chief commissioners and senior supervisors to do the same, but they would cost us only a hundred apiece perhaps. I'll do the talking. In the first place, they wouldn't understand your accent, and in the second, you don't know the etiquette of Imperial bribery. It's an art, I assure you. Ah!† The third page of the Imperial News had what he wanted and he passed the paper to Devers. Devers read slowly. The vocabulary was strange, but he understood. He looked up, and his eyes were dark with concern. He slapped the news sheet angrily with the back of his hand. â€Å"You think this can be trusted?† â€Å"Within limits,† replied Barr, calmly. â€Å"It's highly improbable that the Foundation fleet was wiped out. They've probably reported that several times already, if they've gone by the usual war-reporting technique of a world capital far from the actual scene of fighting. What it means, though, is that Riose has won another battle, which would be none-too-unexpected. It says he's captured Loris. Is that the capital planet of the Kingdom of Loris?† â€Å"Yes,† brooded Devers, â€Å"or of what used to be the Kingdom of Loris. And it's not twenty parsecs from the Foundation. Doc, we've got to work fast.† Barr shrugged, â€Å"You can't go fast on Trantor. If you try, you'll end up at the point of an atom-blaster, most likely.† â€Å"How long will it take?† â€Å"A month, if we're lucky. A month, and our hundred thousand credits – if even that will suffice. And that is providing the Emperor does not take it into his head in the meantime to travel to the Summer Planets, where he sees no petitioners at all.† â€Å"But the Foundation-â€Å" â€Å"-Will take care of itself, as heretofore. Come, there's the question of dinner. I'm hungry. And afterwards, the evening is ours and we may as well use it. We shall never see Trantor or any world like it again, you know.† The Home Commissioner of the Outer Provinces spread his pudgy hands helplessly and peered at the petitioners with owlish nearsightedness. â€Å"But the Emperor is indisposed, gentlemen. It is really useless to take the matter to my superior. His Imperial Majesty has seen no one in a week.† â€Å"He will see us,† said Barr, with an affectation of confidence. â€Å"It is but a question of seeing a member of the staff of the Privy Secretary.† â€Å"Impossible,† said the commissioner emphatically. â€Å"It would be the worth of my job to attempt that. Now if you could but be more explicit concerning the nature of your business. I'm willing to help you, understand, but naturally I want something less vague, something I can present to my superior as reason for taking the matter further.† â€Å"If my business were such that it could be told to any but the highest,† suggested Barr, smoothly, â€Å"it would scarcely be important enough to rate audience with His Imperial Majesty. I propose that you take a chance. I might remind you that if His Imperial Majesty attaches the importance to our business which we guarantee that he will, you will stand certain to receive the honors you will deserve for helping us now.† â€Å"Yes, but-† and the commissioner shrugged, wordlessly. â€Å"It's a chance,† agreed Barr. â€Å"Naturally, a risk should have its compensation. It is a rather great favor to ask you, but we have already been greatly obliged with your kindness in offering us this opportunity to explain our problem. But if you would allow us to express our gratitude just slightly by-â€Å" Devers scowled. He had heard this speech with its slight variations twenty times in the past month. It ended, as always, in a quick shift of the half-hidden bills. But the epilogue differed here. Usually the bills vanished immediately; here they remained in plain view, while slowly the commissioner counted them, inspecting them front and back as he did so. There was a subtle change in his voice. â€Å"Backed by the Privy Secretary, hey? Good money!† â€Å"To get back to the subject-† urged Barr. â€Å"No, but wait,† interrupted the commissioner, â€Å"let us go back by easy stages. I really do wish to know what your business can be. This money, it is fresh and new, and you must have a good deal, for it strikes me that you have seen other officials before me. Come, now, what about it?† Barr said, â€Å"I don't see what you are driving at.† â€Å"Why, see here, it might be proven that you are upon the planet illegally, since the Identification and Entry Cards of your silent friend are certainly inadequate. He is not a subject of the Emperor.† â€Å"I deny that.† â€Å"It doesn't matter that you do,† said the commissioner, with sudden bluntness. â€Å"The official who signed his Cards for the sum of a hundred credits has confessed – under pressure – and we know more of you than you think.† â€Å"If you are hinting, sir, that the sum we have asked you to accept is inadequate in view of the risks-â€Å" The commissioner smiled. â€Å"On the contrary, it is more than adequate.† He tossed the bills aside. â€Å"To return to what I was saying, it is the Emperor himself who has become interested in your case. Is it not true, sirs, that you have recently been guests of General Riose? Is it not true that you have escaped from the midst of his army with, to put it mildly, astonishing ease? Is it not true that you possess a small fortune in bills backed by Lord Brodrig's estates? In short, is it not true that you are a pair of spies and assassins sent here to – Well, you shall tell us yourself who paid you and for what!† â€Å"Do you know,† said Barr, with silky anger, â€Å"I deny the right of a petty commissioner to accuse us of crimes. We will leave.† â€Å"You will not leave.† The commissioner arose, and his eyes no longer seemed near-sighted. â€Å"You need answer no question now; that will be reserved for a later – and more forceful – time. Nor am I a commissioner; I am a Lieutenant of the Imperial Police. You are under arrest.† There was a glitteringly efficient blast-gun in his fist as he smiled. â€Å"There are greater men than you under arrest this day. It is a hornet's nest we are cleaning up.† Devers snarled and reached slowly for his own gun. The lieutenant of police smiled more broadly and squeezed the contacts. The blasting line of force struck Devers' chest in an accurate blaze of destruction – that bounced harmlessly off his personal shield in sparkling spicules of light. Devers shot in turn, and the lieutenant's head fell from off an upper torso that had disappeared. It was still smiling as it lay in the jag of sunshine which entered through the new-made hole in the wall. It was through the back entrance that they left. Devers said huskily, â€Å"Quickly to the ship. They'll have the alarm out in no time.† He cursed in a ferocious whisper. â€Å"It's another plan that's backfired. I could swear the space fiend himself is against me.† It was in the open that they became aware of the jabbering crowds that surrounded the huge televisors. They had no time to wait; the disconnected roaring words that reached them, they disregarded. But Barr snatched a copy of the Imperial News before diving into the huge barn of the hangar, where the ship lifted hastily through a giant cavity burnt fiercely into the roof. â€Å"Can you get away from them?† asked Barr. Ten ships of the traffic-police wildly followed the runaway craft that had burst out of the lawful, radio-beamed Path of Leaving, and then broken every speed law in creation. Further behind still, sleek vessels of the Secret Service were lifting in pursuit of a carefully described ship manned by two thoroughly identified murderers. â€Å"Watch me,† said Devers, and savagely shifted into hyperspace two thousand miles above the surface of Trantor. The shift, so near a planetary mass, meant unconsciousness for Barr and a fearful haze of pain for Devers, but light-years further, space above them was clear. Devers' somber pride in his ship burst to the surface. He said, â€Å"There's not an Imperial ship that could follow me anywhere.† And then, bitterly, â€Å"But there is nowhere left to run to for us, and we can't fight their weight. What's there to do? What can anyone do?† Barr moved feebly on his cot. The effect of the hypershift had not yet worn off, and each of his muscles ached. He said, â€Å"No one has to do anything. It's all over. Here!† He passed the copy of the Imperial News that he still clutched, and the headlines were enough for the trader. â€Å"Recalled and arrested – Riose and Brodrig,† Devers muttered. He stared blankly at Barr. â€Å"Why?† â€Å"The story doesn't say, but what does it matter? The war with the Foundation is over, and at this moment, Siwenna is revolting. Read the story and see.† His voice was drifting off. â€Å"We'll stop in some of the provinces and find out the later details. If you don't mind, I'll go to sleep now.† And he did. In grasshopper jumps of increasing magnitude, the trade ship was spanning the Galaxy in its return to the Foundation.

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This Is What It Means to Say Phoenix, Arizona Essay

Lorisa Qumawunu June 7, 2013 English 102 Essay #1(revision) â€Å"This Is What It Means to Say Phoenix, Arizona† In the short story, â€Å"This is What It Means to Say Phoenix, Arizona†, by Sherman Alexie, I looked at two characters: Thomas and Victor. Thomas Builds-the-Fire is a storyteller on a reservation who everyone ignores because they think he is crazy. Victor on the other hand is a guy who would not dare be seen talking to Thomas. Thomas knows that Victor is in need of help, but Victor will not admit it. I want to show how these two characters who are completely opposite of each other, come together during a time of need. Victor’s father has passed away and he needs to get to Phoenix, Arizona to†¦show more content†¦516) Thomas seems to have a gift in his storytelling, they may seem like crazy stories he tells over and over but his stories may carry some kind of meaning. â€Å"We are all given one thing by which our lives are measured, one determination. Mine are the stories which can change or not change the world.† (Alexie P. 518) His stories about Victor’s father are why he went out of his way to help Victor. It took Victor a trip to Phoenix to see that Thomas was there for a reason, to help him because they were cousins. When they returned back to the reservation, Victor knew that he still could not be seen talking to Thomas for fear of being ridiculed for talking to the crazy storyteller. â€Å"Victor knew that he couldn’t really be friends with Thomas, even after all that had happened. It was cruel but it was real.† (Alexie P. 518) Victor in a way was thankful for Thomas’ help but seemed too proud to admit it to Thomas. Victor knows that Thomas would remain th e crazy storyteller. In a way Victor felt ashamed of himself. Thomas on the other hand was ok with knowing Victor would not talk to him again after their trip to Phoenix. â€Å"I know you ain’t going to treat me any better than you did before. I know your friends would give you too much shit about it.† (Alexie P. 518) He asked of Victor one favor only, he said, â€Å"Just one time when I’m telling a story somewhere, why don’t you stop and listen? Just once!† (Alexie P. 519) In the end of the story, all VictorShow MoreRelatedThis Is What It Means For Say Phoenix, Arizona712 Words   |  3 PagesSherman J. Alexie’s â€Å"This is What It Means to Say Phoenix, Arizona† has multiple interconnecting themes and symbolic ideas throughout his story. Alexie’s story can be simplified as the death of a father changed his son’s life. However, it is more complex than that throughout the story. There are hidden connections all through Alexie’s work. One hidden connection is the character Thomas Builds-the-fire. Thomas is Victor’s childhood friend, and is the reservations goofball, storyteller. Thomas playsRead MoreThis Is What It Means For Say Phoenix, Arizona Essay1691 Words   |  7 Pagesâ€Å"This is What it Means to Say Phoenix, Arizona†: The Road to a New Beginning America, the melting pot country, a country in which every one is equal, unless you are created different. In the short story This is What it Means to Say Phoenix, Arizona by Sherman Alexie, two men embark on a journey that improves their lives spiritually and allows them to claim the closure that they are both seeking. Although the author s main purpose is to share a story about a man s journey to find peace, he isRead MoreThis Is What It Means To Say Phoenix, Arizona: Stereotypes Essay1188 Words   |  5 Pagesâ€Å"This Is What It Means To Say Phoenix, Arizona† discusses the physical and mental journey of Victor, a Native American man in the state of Washington, as he goes to Phoenix, Arizona to claim his father’s remains and his savings account. While on this journey, Victor learns about himself, his father, and his Indian culture with the help of his estranged friend, Thomas Builds-the–Fire. The author, Sherman Alexie, plays on the stereotypes of Native Ame ricans through the characters of Victor and ThomasRead MoreThis Is What It Means To Say Phoenix, Arizona By Sherman Alexie924 Words   |  4 PagesBethany Furtado Professor Charbonneau Hess English 102 24 October 2017 Thomas Builds-the-Fire In the story, â€Å"This Is What It Means to Say Phoenix, Arizona† by Sherman Alexie the two main characters are Victor and Thomas Builds-the-Fire. The story is about Victor and Thomas who are childhood best friends that went on a trip from their reservation to Phoenix, Arizona to collect Victor father’s savings account. Throughout the trip, they experience many flashbacks of when they were friends such as whenRead MoreThis Is What It Means to Say Phoenix, Arizona by Sherman Alexie1632 Words   |  7 Pages Benjamin Franklin once said that â€Å"Nothing is certain in life except death...and taxes† (Waliwensky). This phrase has rung in the ears of Americans for many, many years. The phrase has stuck around for an extensive amount of time is because of the irony and actuality behind it. While the expression is meant to focus on the inevitability of taxes, Franklin also makes a point that it is impossible to deny the fact that everyone will eventually die. People get caught up in their day to day lives andRead MoreOmniscient Point of View in â€Å"This Is What It Means to Say Phoenix, Arizona2086 Words   |  9 PagesOmniscient Point of view in â€Å"This Is What It Means to Say Phoenix, Arizona† The story â€Å"This Is What It Means to Say Phoenix, Arizona† by Sherman Alexie is a fictional narrative that reflects his experiences during his past and present life. The author allows the audience to become the social media that critiques his life when he evokes important episodes of his life through Victor and Thomas Builds-the-Fire liveliness. In this process, Sherman Alexis uses his omniscient point of view to tellRead MoreAnalysis of This Is What It Means to Say Phoenix, Arizona by Sherman Alexie1131 Words   |  5 PagesIn Sherman Alexies â€Å"This is what it means to say Phoenix, Arizona† a man named Victor finds out that his father has passed away. Being next of kin, Victor is responsible for gathering his fathers assets together, which requires him to make an out of town trip. In order to accomplish this Victor needs help. This help comes from the town outcast, Thomas Builds-the Fire. Victor and Thomas were childhood best friends but as they grew older, Victor turned his back on the one that always looked outRead MoreAnalysis Of Sherman Alexie s This Is What It Means For Say Phoenix Arizona ``943 Words   |  4 PagesIn the story â€Å"This is What It Means to Say Phoenix Arizona† by Sherman Alexie, the main character Victor is a full blood Native American, whose father recently passed away in Phoenix, Arizona. Victor must take the trip to collect his father s ashes, however due to his current financial situation he is unable to take his journey. An old friend of Victors, by the name of Thomas builds-the-fire, offers to help fund Victors trip on the condition that he go with him. It is because of Thomas that VictorRead MoreLiterary Analysis of Sherman J. Alexie’s This Is What It Means to Say Phoenix, Arizona779 Words   |  4 PagesAnalysis of â€Å"This Is What It Means to Say Phoenix, Arizona† In life, everyone experiences a time of hardship, and for the most part, those affected find methods of overcoming the adversity. The idea of getting through hardship is best reflected in; Sherman J. Alexie’s story â€Å"This Is What It Means to Say Phoenix, Arizona† (274). In the story, victor whose father had recently died from a heart attack has to travel to phoenix Arizona to reclaim his father’s ashes and his truck. Victor is joinedRead MoreNative Americans Analytical Essay1200 Words   |  5 Pagesminorities who have gone through horrid times and still struggle to preserve their traditions. Their submission to the mainstream Anglo-Americans has led to a lot of issues. These are presented in Blue Winds Dancing by Tom White Cloud, This Is What It Means to Say Phoenix, Arizona by Sherman J. Alexie, and Black Elk Speaks by Black Elk for comparison. Of all the different narratives, pieces, and poems read about native Americans. These three drew particular atte ntion. The similarities between them share the

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The University Of The Ozarks - 888 Words

The Student Government Association, a student lead organization aimed to improve the campus community, has established several goals they would like to accomplish during the current school year, 2015-2016. In order to determine these goals and objectives, two detailed persona profiles were created which provided the association with a better understanding of their audiences and how to best communicate with them. The publics were divided into two groups, students pertaining to the senate and students pertaining to the student body. Therefore, the next stage consists in performing research regarding the goals SGA has established by conducting surveys and focus groups on campus. As mentioned previously, SGA works closely with two different publics. The first and primary publics are the officers and senators of the association, whereas the second publics consist of the rest of the student body at the University of the Ozarks. The characteristic which differentiate the first from the second public is that senators and officers work as the intermediary between the student body and the Board of Trustee and President. Nonetheless, both persona profiles describe students that are involved in the various campus activities and show interest in the different school related affairs. These types of students do not sit back and blindly accept the changes made on campus, but actively take part in the decisions making role. Although the final decisions or outcomes might not always follow theShow MoreRelatedSampling And Participants At The University Of The Ozarks Area1269 Words   |  6 PagesMethodology Sample and Participants For the purposes of this study, the method used to select participants was convenience sampling. Therefore, 30 students from the University of the Ozarks located in Clarksville, Arkansas, were selected to participate in the study. The ages of the students ranged between 18 and 25 years. In order to conduct this study, a control group and an experimental group were created consisting of 15 members each. The first group was the experimental group where the participantsRead MoreSpringfield Missouri s Drury University s Ozarks Center For Sustainable Solutions1526 Words   |  7 PagesSpringfield Missouri’s Drury University’s Ozarks Center for Sustainable Solutions reports accessible financing for clean diesel ventures for open and private diesel armadas. â€Å"Eligible equipment includes on-road and off-road heavy or medium duty diesel vehicles or equipment that are stationed or operated in the following counties: Cedar, Polk, Dallas, Barton, Dade, Greene, Webster, Christ ian, Jasper, Newton, McDonald, Lawrence, Barry, Stone, or Taney (Brothers). Covanta (NYSE: CVA), a world pioneerRead MoreMarketing Analysis : Creative Layla856 Words   |  4 Pagesthe organization and the student body. Both audiences have been analyzed in order to provide a detailed persona profile. Creative Layla is the persona profile develop for the first target audience. Layla is a 19 year old sophomore at the University of the Ozarks from Hot Springs, Arkansas. Layla is an active member of the Aerie yearbook and possess editing, writing, and photography skills. She is committed to the organization and sets time in her schedules to attend events and take pictures of theRead MoreIwt1 Task1 Essay769 Words   |  4 Pages COMPAIRING ARTISTIC PERIODS RENAISSANCE ART AND MANNERISM ART WESTERN GOVERNORS UNIVERSITY IWT1 TASK1 COMPARING ARTISTIC PERIODS The Renaissance period was from roughly the 14th century to the 17th century of the common era (CE) beginning in Italy later spreading throughout Europe. The word Renaissance comes from the original Italian word Rinascimento or rinascere which means to be reborn according to Harper (2012). The influence of the Renaissance movement can be observed in artRead MoreHomelessness Of The Ozarks And Its Effect On Mental Illness1776 Words   |  8 Pages Homelessness in the Ozarks and its Effect on Mental Illness in Older Adults Landon Green Missouri State University Homelessness In the Ozarks: Then to Now The issue my team chose to research and tackle was homelessness in the Ozarks. Specifically, we wanted to look at the demographics of the issue and then ultimately we wanted to look into the effects the issue of homelessness is having on another serious issue, mental illness, and vice versa. The Merriam-Webster DictionaryRead MoreA Soil Science Expert Named Essay1025 Words   |  5 PagesThere are over one hundred species of strawberries around the world. Some of the most popular strawberry varieties include Honeoye, Earliglow, Allstar, Ozark Beauty, and Chandler. All of these strawberries, except for Ozark Beauty (which is an overbearing strawberry), belong to the June-bearing group. ( Strawberry Species, 2011) There are over six hundred varieties of strawberries world-wide. (Nutritional Breakdown, 2016) A soil science expert named Margaret Reeves whom has a PhD says that strawberriesRead MoreHigh School Improvement Action Plan1072 Words   |  5 PagesHigh School Improvement Action Plan Kevin McCarn Arkansas State University Needs Assessment Melbourne is a very small town in north central Arkansas. Melbourne is located on the edge of the Ozark Mountains. This area is sometimes referred to as the gateway to the Ozarks. Natural beauty can be found all through Melbourne and Izard County. The outdoors are a big component of Melbourne from lakes and camping to hunting and fishing. Many people move here because of the ruralRead MoreThe Stately White Columns Fice Occupied By William J. Clinton Essay1685 Words   |  7 PagesArkansas capital lead to the executive office occupied by William J. Clinton only 30 years ago. After a successful college career at an elite university Governor Clinton decided make the move home to his birth state of Arkansas. Hillary Rodham begrudgingly followed along with fierce independence and a law degree. Rodham maintained a job at the university of Arkansas after her husband’s loss in a congressional election, and practiced law through court appointments. Eventually her husban d would successfullyRead MoreMost Likely to Succeed Essay572 Words   |  3 PagesShonka is a NFL recruiter who has to decide whether Daniel’s is qualified for the pros. The main point behind the story is that it is impossible to tell who is good enough for a job, until the person actually gets the job. For example, at my job at The Ozark House Restaurant, all my co-workers talk down about the hostess who was there before me. According to them, she was just not hostess material; they say the restaurant business is simply not for everyone. I’ve also heard this expression during a groupRead MoreImportance Of Programs In Classroom953 Words   |  4 Pagesâ€Å"Foundation for Agriculture† is for a variety of education and learning to be a leader. They will give you cash prizes, scholarships, and grants. The main scholarships are Collge of the Ozarks, Missouri State University, Northwest Missouri State University, Southeast Missouri State University, Truman State U niversity, and University of Central Missouri. Missouri Agritourism: Commodity advisory committees and special interest work groups assists staff with issues affecting the industry. It is the states